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Merge topic 'doc-target_link_libraries-flags'

07bb2724 Help: Clarify treatment of link flags in target_link_libraries
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......@@ -62,6 +62,12 @@ Each ``<item>`` may be:
dependencies, so they are generally safe to specify only as private link
items that will not propagate to dependents.
Link flags specified here are inserted into the link command in the same
place as the link libraries. This might not be correct, depending on
the linker. Use the :prop_tgt:`LINK_FLAGS` target property to add link
flags explicitly. The flags will then be placed at the toolchain-defined
flag position in the link command.
* A ``debug``, ``optimized``, or ``general`` keyword immediately followed
by another ``<item>``. The item following such a keyword will be used
only for the corresponding build configuration. The ``debug`` keyword
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