Commit 5cdaef7e authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King

Drop builtin policy "full" documentation

The full policy documentation was moved to Help/policy/*.rst by commit
f051814e (Convert builtin help to reStructuredText source files,
2013-10-15).  We no longer need the builtin string literals.

In commit 87cc62ca (Drop "full" documentation output types, 2013-09-13)
we dropped code using the LongDescription field of policy definitions.
We need to follow it up with a change similar to commit 399e9c46 (Drop
builtin property documentation, 2013-09-16) to remove the policy
documentation.  Do that now.  Keep the short description as it is used
in policy error and warning messages.
parent 8f2b0c33
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -97,7 +97,6 @@ public:
void DefinePolicy(cmPolicies::PolicyID id,
const char *stringID,
const char *shortDescription,
const char *longDescription,
unsigned int majorVersionIntroduced,
unsigned int minorVersionIntroduced,
unsigned int patchVersionIntroduced,
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