Commit 584ad067 authored by Stephan Szabo's avatar Stephan Szabo

VS: Fix flag table entry for -Qspectre

The Qspectre option was generated by the script (as opposed to
being added by commit v3.13.0-rc1~4^2 (VS: Add flag table entry for
-Qspectre, 2018-10-08), however the comment was not useful and
there was a separate off option generated that was not in the
old table.
parent 8df25f94
......@@ -422,17 +422,10 @@
"name": "SpectreMitigation",
"switch": "Qspectre",
"comment": "Enabled",
"comment": "Spectre mitigations",
"value": "Spectre",
"flags": []
"name": "SpectreMitigation",
"switch": "",
"comment": "Disabled",
"value": "false",
"flags": []
"name": "LanguageStandard",
"switch": "std:c++14",
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