Commit 5751a090 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King

jsoncpp: fix signed overflow when parsing negative value

Clang's ubsan (-fsanitize=undefined) reports:

    runtime error: negation of -9223372036854775808 cannot be represented in
    type 'Json::Value::LargestInt' (aka 'long'); cast to an unsigned type to
    negate this value to itself

Follow its advice and update the code to remove the explicit negation.
parent d8c6427f
......@@ -1581,7 +1581,7 @@ bool OurReader::decodeNumber(Token& token, Value& decoded) {
// TODO: Help the compiler do the div and mod at compile time or get rid of them.
Value::LargestUInt maxIntegerValue =
isNegative ? Value::LargestUInt(-Value::minLargestInt)
isNegative ? Value::LargestUInt(Value::minLargestInt)
: Value::maxLargestUInt;
Value::LargestUInt threshold = maxIntegerValue / 10;
Value::LargestUInt value = 0;
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