Commit 555bda4e authored by David Cole's avatar David Cole
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Ninja: Restructure code to work with the Borland compilers

Should fix the Borland dashboard errors.
parent 69bc5131
......@@ -391,12 +391,18 @@ void cmNinjaNormalTargetGenerator::WriteLinkStatement()
// Compute architecture specific link flags. Yes, these go into a different
// variable for executables, probably due to a mistake made when duplicating
// code between the Makefile executable and library generators.
locGtor->AddArchitectureFlags(targetType == cmTarget::EXECUTABLE
std::string flags = (targetType == cmTarget::EXECUTABLE
? vars["FLAGS"]
: vars["ARCH_FLAGS"],
: vars["ARCH_FLAGS"]);
if (targetType == cmTarget::EXECUTABLE) {
vars["FLAGS"] = flags;
} else {
vars["ARCH_FLAGS"] = flags;
if (this->GetTarget()->HasSOName(this->GetConfigName())) {
vars["SONAME_FLAG"] =
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