Commit 52168f32 authored by Stephen Kelly's avatar Stephen Kelly
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Convert: Remove asserts which are duplicated in delegate method

This means that we don't encounter the asserts in the case where we
early-return from here.
parent 5213f893
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......@@ -79,13 +79,6 @@ static bool cmOutputConverterNotAbove(const char* a, const char* b)
std::string cmOutputConverter::ConvertToRelativePath(
std::string const& local_path, std::string const& remote_path) const
// The paths should never be quoted.
assert(local_path[0] != '\"');
assert(remote_path[0] != '\"');
// The local path should never have a trailing slash.
assert(local_path.empty() || local_path[local_path.size() - 1] != '/');
const std::string relativePathTopBinary =
const std::string relativePathTopSource =
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