Commit 52052ef8 authored by Daniel Pfeifer's avatar Daniel Pfeifer
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cmGeneratorTarget: use erase-unique instead of reinitialization

Just to make it easier to find places where containers are cleared in
order to be recomputed.
parent 3b362230
......@@ -839,14 +839,10 @@ bool cmGeneratorTarget::IsSystemIncludeDirectory(
&dagChecker, result, excludeImported);
std::set<std::string> unique;
for (std::vector<std::string>::iterator li = result.begin();
li != result.end(); ++li) {
result.insert(result.end(), unique.begin(), unique.end());
std::for_each(result.begin(), result.end(),
std::sort(result.begin(), result.end());
result.erase(std::unique(result.begin(), result.end()), result.end());
IncludeCacheType::value_type entry(config_upper, result);
iter = this->SystemIncludesCache.insert(entry).first;
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