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Commit 4f44c787 authored by Bill Hoffman's avatar Bill Hoffman
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BUG: fix for bug 6117 pkgconfig

parent 9afb2100
......@@ -317,12 +317,12 @@ endmacro(_pkg_check_modules_internal)
macro(pkg_check_modules _prefix _module0)
# check cached value
if (NOT DEFINED __pkg_config_checked_${_prefix} OR __pkg_config_checked_${_prefix} LESS ${PKG_CONFIG_VERSION})
if (NOT DEFINED __pkg_config_checked_${_prefix} OR __pkg_config_checked_${_prefix} LESS ${PKG_CONFIG_VERSION} OR NOT ${_prefix}_FOUND)
_pkgconfig_parse_options (_pkg_modules _pkg_is_required "${_module0}" ${ARGN})
_pkg_check_modules_internal("${_pkg_is_required}" 0 "${_prefix}" ${_pkg_modules})
_pkgconfig_set(__pkg_config_checked_${_prefix} ${PKG_CONFIG_VERSION})
endif(NOT DEFINED __pkg_config_checked_${_prefix} OR __pkg_config_checked_${_prefix} LESS ${PKG_CONFIG_VERSION})
endif(NOT DEFINED __pkg_config_checked_${_prefix} OR __pkg_config_checked_${_prefix} LESS ${PKG_CONFIG_VERSION} OR NOT ${_prefix}_FOUND)
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