Commit 4d86b681 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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Renamed gccxml input/output files to drop _tcl qualification.

parent 7514adc9
......@@ -186,8 +186,8 @@ void cmCableWrapTclCommand::GenerateCableClassFiles(const char* name,
std::string className = name;
std::string groupName = m_TargetName+"_"+indexStr;
std::string classConfigName = outDir+"/Tcl/"+groupName+"_config_tcl.xml";
std::string classCxxName = outDir+"/Tcl/"+groupName+"_cxx_tcl.cxx";
std::string classXmlName = outDir+"/Tcl/"+groupName+"_cxx_tcl.xml";
std::string classCxxName = outDir+"/Tcl/"+groupName+"_cxx.cxx";
std::string classXmlName = outDir+"/Tcl/"+groupName+"_cxx.xml";
std::string classTclName = outDir+"/Tcl/"+groupName+"_tcl";
cmGeneratedFileStream classConfig(classConfigName.c_str());
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