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Help: Caveat for try_compile() and CMAKE_TRY_COMPILE_PLATFORM_VARIABLES

parent 861dbef4
......@@ -156,7 +156,9 @@ the type of target used for the source file signature.
Set the :variable:`CMAKE_TRY_COMPILE_PLATFORM_VARIABLES` variable to specify
variables that must be propagated into the test project. This variable is
meant for use only in toolchain files.
meant for use only in toolchain files and is only honored by the
``try_compile()`` command for the source files form, not when given a whole
If :policy:`CMP0067` is set to ``NEW``, or any of the ``<LANG>_STANDARD``,
``<LANG>_STANDARD_REQUIRED``, or ``<LANG>_EXTENSIONS`` options are used,
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