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Commit 4b53a693 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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curl: Backport certificate reuse fix from 7.50.2

Backport curl upstream commit curl-7_50_2~32 (nss: refuse previously
loaded certificate from file, 2016-08-22).
parent 0fd54137
......@@ -1004,10 +1004,10 @@ static SECStatus SelectClientCert(void *arg, PRFileDesc *sock,
struct ssl_connect_data *connssl = (struct ssl_connect_data *)arg;
struct Curl_easy *data = connssl->data;
const char *nickname = connssl->client_nickname;
static const char pem_slotname[] = "PEM Token #1";
if(connssl->obj_clicert) {
/* use the cert/key provided by PEM reader */
static const char pem_slotname[] = "PEM Token #1";
SECItem cert_der = { 0, NULL, 0 };
void *proto_win = SSL_RevealPinArg(sock);
struct CERTCertificateStr *cert;
......@@ -1069,6 +1069,12 @@ static SECStatus SelectClientCert(void *arg, PRFileDesc *sock,
if(NULL == nickname)
nickname = "[unknown]";
if(!strncmp(nickname, pem_slotname, sizeof(pem_slotname) - 1U)) {
failf(data, "NSS: refusing previously loaded certificate from file: %s",
return SECFailure;
if(NULL == *pRetKey) {
failf(data, "NSS: private key not found for certificate: %s", nickname);
return SECFailure;
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