Commit 4a9daae4 authored by Tim Blechmann's avatar Tim Blechmann
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automoc: silence linker warning on macos

when an empty `mocs_compilation.cpp` is included in a static library,
the macos linker emits a warning:
file: path/To/Library.a(mocs_compilation.cpp.o) has no symbols

we therefore generate a globally visible weak symbol in the form of a
virtual function table
parent 0b305682
......@@ -2175,7 +2175,14 @@ void cmQtAutoMocUicT::JobMocsCompilationT::Process()
// Placeholder content
content += "// No files found that require moc or the moc files are "
"enum some_compilers { need_more_than_nothing };\n";
"struct cmake_automoc_silence_linker_warning{\n"
" virtual ~cmake_automoc_silence_linker_warning();\n"
"inline "
} else {
// Valid content
const bool mc = this->BaseConst().MultiConfig;
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