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Help: Fix install(EXPORT_ANDROID_MK) mode documentation

`install(EXPORT_ANDROID_MK)` is its own mode, not an option to the
normal `install(EXPORT)` mode.

While at it, also fix the prose in our documented example to match
the code.

Fixes: #17891
parent 13f19f74
......@@ -339,12 +339,12 @@ Installing Exports
install(EXPORT <export-name> DESTINATION <dir>
[NAMESPACE <namespace>] [[FILE <name>.cmake]|
[EXPORT_ANDROID_MK <name>.mk]]
[PERMISSIONS permissions...]
[CONFIGURATIONS [Debug|Release|...]]
[COMPONENT <component>]
install(EXPORT_ANDROID_MK <export-name> DESTINATION <dir> [...])
The ``EXPORT`` form generates and installs a CMake file containing code to
import targets from the installation tree into another project.
......@@ -367,8 +367,9 @@ specified that does not match that given to the targets associated with
included in the export but a target to which it links is not included
the behavior is unspecified.
In addition to cmake language files, the ``EXPORT_ANDROID_MK`` option maybe
used to specify an export to the android ndk build system. The Android
In addition to cmake language files, the ``EXPORT_ANDROID_MK`` mode maybe
used to specify an export to the android ndk build system. This mode
accepts the same options as the normal export mode. The Android
NDK supports the use of prebuilt libraries, both static and shared. This
allows cmake to build the libraries of a project and make them available
to an ndk build system complete with transitive dependencies, include flags
......@@ -385,7 +386,7 @@ and installed by the current project. For example, the code
will install the executable myexe to ``<prefix>/bin`` and code to import
it in the file ``<prefix>/lib/myproj/myproj.cmake`` and
``<prefix>/lib/share/ndk-modules/``. An outside project
``<prefix>/share/ndk-modules/``. An outside project
may load this file with the include command and reference the ``myexe``
executable from the installation tree using the imported target name
``mp_myexe`` as if the target were built in its own tree.
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