Commit 49ad7f9a authored by Tobias Hunger's avatar Tobias Hunger Committed by Brad King
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cmake: Add `cmake -E capabilities` mode

Add `cmake -E capabilities` to report on generators, cmake version and
possibly other static capabilities of cmake.

Closes: #15462
parent 1d408dc1
......@@ -180,6 +180,43 @@ CMake provides builtin command-line tools through the signature::
Run ``cmake -E`` or ``cmake -E help`` for a summary of commands.
Available commands are:
Report cmake capabilities in JSON format. The output is a JSON object
with the following keys:
A JSON object with version information. Keys are:
The full version string as displayed by cmake ``--version``.
The major version number in integer form.
The minor version number in integer form.
The patch level in integer form.
The cmake version suffix string.
A bool that is set if the cmake build is from a dirty tree.
A list available generators. Each generator is a JSON object with the
following keys:
A string containing the name of the generator.
``true`` if the generator supports toolsets and ``false`` otherwise.
``true`` if the generator supports platforms and ``false`` otherwise.
A list of strings with all the extra generators compatible with
the generator.
``true`` if cmake supports server-mode and ``false`` otherwise.
``chdir <dir> <cmd> [<arg>...]``
Change the current working directory and run a command.
* :manual:`cmake(1)` gained a ``-E capabilities`` option to provide a
machine-readable (JSON) description of the capabilities of the
cmake tool (available generators, etc.).
......@@ -23,11 +23,15 @@
#include "cmState.h"
#include "cmTest.h"
#include "cmUtils.hxx"
#include "cmVersionMacros.h"
#include "cmGraphVizWriter.h"
#include "cmVariableWatch.h"
#include <cmsys/SystemInformation.hxx>
#include "cm_jsoncpp_value.h"
#include "cm_jsoncpp_writer.h"
#include <cmsys/FStream.hxx>
......@@ -110,6 +114,18 @@
#include <list>
namespace {
typedef std::unordered_map<std::string, Json::Value> JsonValueMapType;
typedef cmsys::hash_map<std::string, Json::Value> JsonValueMapType;
} // namespace
static bool cmakeCheckStampFile(const char* stampName);
static bool cmakeCheckStampList(const char* stampName);
......@@ -201,6 +217,68 @@ cmake::~cmake()
delete this->FileComparison;
std::string cmake::ReportCapabilities() const
std::string result;
Json::Value obj = Json::objectValue;
// Version information:
Json::Value version = Json::objectValue;
version["string"] = CMake_VERSION;
version["major"] = CMake_VERSION_MAJOR;
version["minor"] = CMake_VERSION_MINOR;
version["suffix"] = CMake_VERSION_SUFFIX;
version["isDirty"] = (CMake_VERSION_IS_DIRTY == 1);
version["patch"] = CMake_VERSION_PATCH;
obj["version"] = version;
// Generators:
std::vector<cmake::GeneratorInfo> generatorInfoList;
JsonValueMapType generatorMap;
for (std::vector<cmake::GeneratorInfo>::const_iterator i =
i != generatorInfoList.end(); ++i) {
if (i->isAlias) { // skip aliases, they are there for compatibility reasons
// only
if (i->extraName.empty()) {
Json::Value gen = Json::objectValue;
gen["name"] = i->name;
gen["toolsetSupport"] = i->supportsToolset;
gen["platformSupport"] = i->supportsPlatform;
gen["extraGenerators"] = Json::arrayValue;
generatorMap[i->name] = gen;
} else {
Json::Value& gen = generatorMap[i->baseName];
Json::Value generators = Json::arrayValue;
for (JsonValueMapType::const_iterator i = generatorMap.begin();
i != generatorMap.end(); ++i) {
obj["generators"] = generators;
obj["serverMode"] = true;
obj["serverMode"] = false;
Json::FastWriter writer;
result = writer.write(obj);
result = "Not supported";
return result;
void cmake::CleanupCommandsAndMacros()
this->CurrentSnapshot = this->State->Reset();
......@@ -117,6 +117,8 @@ public:
/// Destructor
std::string ReportCapabilities() const;
static const char* GetCMakeFilesDirectory() { return "/CMakeFiles"; }
static const char* GetCMakeFilesDirectoryPostSlash()
......@@ -60,6 +60,8 @@ void CMakeCommandUsage(const char* program)
<< "Usage: " << program << " -E <command> [arguments...]\n"
<< "Available commands: \n"
<< " capabilities - Report capabilities built into cmake "
"in JSON format\n"
<< " chdir dir cmd [args...] - run command in a given directory\n"
<< " compare_files file1 file2 - check if file1 is same as file2\n"
<< " copy <file>... destination - copy files to destination "
......@@ -510,6 +512,16 @@ int cmcmd::ExecuteCMakeCommand(std::vector<std::string>& args)
return 0;
// capabilities
else if (args[1] == "capabilities") {
if (args.size() > 2) {
std::cerr << "-E capabilities accepts no additional arguments\n";
return 1;
cmake cm;
std::cout << cm.ReportCapabilities();
return 0;
// Sleep command
else if (args[1] == "sleep" && args.size() > 2) {
^-E capabilities accepts no additional arguments$
......@@ -8,6 +8,8 @@ run_cmake_command(lists-no-file ${CMAKE_COMMAND} nosuchsubdir/CMakeLists.txt)
run_cmake_command(D-no-arg ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -D)
run_cmake_command(U-no-arg ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -U)
run_cmake_command(E-no-arg ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E)
run_cmake_command(E_capabilities ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E capabilities)
run_cmake_command(E_capabilities-arg ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E capabilities --extra-arg)
run_cmake_command(E_echo_append ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E echo_append)
run_cmake_command(E_rename-no-arg ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E rename)
run_cmake_command(E_touch_nocreate-no-arg ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E touch_nocreate)
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