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Commit 495e26ae authored by Stephen Kelly's avatar Stephen Kelly
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Convert: Remove last use of START enum value

The enums just introduce unfamiliar names and don't provide value.

The order of arguments is reversed, as that is the result of the


overload which accepts the RelativeRoot enum.
parent 4f68b207
...@@ -2514,7 +2514,8 @@ std::string cmLocalGenerator::GetObjectFileNameWithoutTarget( ...@@ -2514,7 +2514,8 @@ std::string cmLocalGenerator::GetObjectFileNameWithoutTarget(
const char* fullPath = source.GetFullPath().c_str(); const char* fullPath = source.GetFullPath().c_str();
// Try referencing the source relative to the source tree. // Try referencing the source relative to the source tree.
std::string relFromSource = this->ConvertToRelativePath(fullPath, START); std::string relFromSource =
this->ConvertToRelativePath(this->GetCurrentSourceDirectory(), fullPath);
assert(!relFromSource.empty()); assert(!relFromSource.empty());
bool relSource = !cmSystemTools::FileIsFullPath(relFromSource.c_str()); bool relSource = !cmSystemTools::FileIsFullPath(relFromSource.c_str());
bool subSource = relSource && relFromSource[0] != '.'; bool subSource = relSource && relFromSource[0] != '.';
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