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MacroAddFileDependencies: Explicitly deprecate by documentation

This module has been discouraged since commit 1e20be31 (STYLE: add
documentation for MACRO_ADD_FILE_DEPENDENCIES(), 2009-07-14,
v2.8.0~433).  It has been listed in the `cmake-modules(7)` manual
as deprecated since commit df780bcc (Help: Move deprecated modules to
appropriate section., 2018-11-12, v3.14.0-rc1~374^2).  Add the explicit
deprecation mark in its documentation.
parent 777c14af
......@@ -5,15 +5,21 @@
MACRO_ADD_FILE_DEPENDENCIES(<_file> depend_files...)
.. deprecated:: 3.14
Using the macro MACRO_ADD_FILE_DEPENDENCIES() is discouraged. There
are usually better ways to specify the correct dependencies.
MACRO_ADD_FILE_DEPENDENCIES(<source> <files>...)
Do not use this command in new code. It is just a wrapper around:
.. code-block:: cmake
set_property(SOURCE <source> APPEND PROPERTY OBJECT_DEPENDS <files>...)
Instead use the :command:`set_property` command to append to the
:prop_sf:`OBJECT_DEPENDS` source file property directly.
MACRO_ADD_FILE_DEPENDENCIES(<_file> depend_files...) is just a
convenience wrapper around the OBJECT_DEPENDS source file property.
You can just use set_property(SOURCE <file> APPEND PROPERTY
OBJECT_DEPENDS depend_files) instead.
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