Commit 47389c56 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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install: Do not crash on imported global target

Since commit e89ad0f9 (install: Allow installing targets created in
another directory, 2018-06-18, v3.13.0-rc1~407^2) the `install(TARGETS)`
command may find a global-scoped target outside the calling directory.
Ignore an `IMPORTED GLOBAL` target if it is found in this way.  Imported
targets cannot be installed, and trying to do so violates internal

Fixes: #19022
parent 20a41aa5
......@@ -402,7 +402,11 @@ bool cmInstallCommand::HandleTargetsMode(std::vector<std::string> const& args)
cmTarget* target = this->Makefile->FindLocalNonAliasTarget(tgt);
if (!target) {
// If no local target has been found, find it in the global scope.
target = this->Makefile->GetGlobalGenerator()->FindTarget(tgt, true);
cmTarget* const global_target =
this->Makefile->GetGlobalGenerator()->FindTarget(tgt, true);
if (global_target && !global_target->IsImported()) {
target = global_target;
if (target) {
// Found the target. Check its type.
......@@ -66,6 +66,7 @@ run_cmake(CMP0062-WARN)
^CMake Error at TARGETS-ImportedGlobal.cmake:[0-9]+ \(install\):
install TARGETS given target "imported_global" which does not exist.
Call Stack \(most recent call first\):
CMakeLists.txt:[0-9]+ \(include\)$
add_library(imported_global STATIC IMPORTED GLOBAL)
set_property(TARGET imported_global PROPERTY IMPORTED_LOCATION /does_not_exist)
install(TARGETS imported_global DESTINATION bin)
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