Commit 429cf9d6 authored by Andy Cedilnik's avatar Andy Cedilnik
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BUG: Remove instances of // in the output

parent cafd48a7
......@@ -2123,14 +2123,17 @@ void cmCTest::PopulateCustomVector(cmMakefile* mf, const char* def, tm_VectorOfS
std::string cmCTest::GetShortPathToFile(const char* fname)
std::string cmCTest::GetShortPathToFile(const char* cfname)
const std::string& sourceDir = GetDartConfiguration("SourceDirectory");
const std::string& buildDir = GetDartConfiguration("BuildDirectory");
std::string fname = cmSystemTools::CollapseFullPath(cfname);
// Find relative paths to both directories
std::string srcRelpath = cmSystemTools::RelativePath(sourceDir.c_str(), fname);
std::string bldRelpath = cmSystemTools::RelativePath(buildDir.c_str(), fname);
std::string srcRelpath
= cmSystemTools::RelativePath(sourceDir.c_str(), fname.c_str());
std::string bldRelpath
= cmSystemTools::RelativePath(buildDir.c_str(), fname.c_str());
// If any contains "." it is not parent directory
bool inSrc = srcRelpath.find("..") == srcRelpath.npos;
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