Commit 41925efe authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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cmGeneratorTarget: Fix Fortran module directory regression

Refactoring in commit 49f10f0d (cmGeneratorTarget: Adopt Fortran module
directory generation, 2016-06-10) accidentally made a local variable
declared `static` causing results to be re-used incorrectly.
parent 802b36fb
......@@ -3855,7 +3855,7 @@ std::string cmGeneratorTarget::GetFortranModuleDirectory() const
std::string cmGeneratorTarget::CreateFortranModuleDirectory() const
static std::string mod_dir;
std::string mod_dir;
const char* target_mod_dir = this->GetProperty("Fortran_MODULE_DIRECTORY");
const char* moddir_flag =
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