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Help: Add documentation for SKIP_REGULAR_EXPRESSION test property

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......@@ -38,8 +38,9 @@ The given test command is expected to exit with code ``0`` to pass and
non-zero to fail, or vice-versa if the :prop_test:`WILL_FAIL` test
property is set. Any output written to stdout or stderr will be
captured by :manual:`ctest(1)` but does not affect the pass/fail status
unless the :prop_test:`PASS_REGULAR_EXPRESSION` or
:prop_test:`FAIL_REGULAR_EXPRESSION` test property is used.
unless the :prop_test:`PASS_REGULAR_EXPRESSION`,
:prop_test:`SKIP_REGULAR_EXPRESSION` test property is used.
The ``COMMAND`` and ``WORKING_DIRECTORY`` options may use "generator
expressions" with the syntax ``$<...>``. See the
......@@ -407,6 +407,7 @@ Properties on Tests
If the output matches this regular expression the test will be marked as skipped.
If set, if the output matches one of specified regular expressions,
the test will be marked as skipped. Example:
.. code-block:: cmake
set_property(TEST mytest PROPERTY
``SKIP_REGULAR_EXPRESSION`` expects a list of regular expressions.
See also the :prop_test:`SKIP_RETURN_CODE` property.
......@@ -8,3 +8,5 @@ test are met. If such a situation should not be considered a hard failure
a return code of the process can be specified that will mark the test as
``Not Run`` if it is encountered. Valid values are in the range of
0 to 255, inclusive.
See also the :prop_test:`SKIP_REGULAR_EXPRESSION` property.
* A new test property, :prop_test:`SKIP_REGULAR_EXPRESSION`, has been added.
This property is similar to :prop_test:`FAIL_REGULAR_EXPRESSION` and
:prop_test:`PASS_REGULAR_EXPRESSION`, but with the same meaning as
:prop_test:`SKIP_RETURN_CODE`. This is useful, for example, in cases where
the user has no control over the return code of the test. For example, in
Catch2, the return value is the number of assertion failed, therefore it is
impossible to use it for :prop_test:`SKIP_RETURN_CODE`.
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