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Help: Mention INTERFACE_SOURCES as settable for INTERFACE libs

The add_library(INTERFACE) and Interface Libraries documentation
list all the INTERFACE_* properties and target_* commands that
can be used to define the interface.  Add INTERFACE_SOURCES
and target_sources() to these lists for completeness.
parent 1f00d738
......@@ -124,8 +124,9 @@ imported. Typically the ``INTERFACE_*`` properties are populated on
the interface target using the :command:`set_property`,
and :command:`target_compile_definitions(INTERFACE)` commands, and then it
and :command:`target_sources(INTERFACE)` commands, and then it
is used as an argument to :command:`target_link_libraries` like any other
......@@ -786,11 +786,12 @@ It may specify usage requirements such as
Only the ``INTERFACE`` modes of the :command:`target_include_directories`,
:command:`target_compile_definitions`, :command:`target_compile_options`,
and :command:`target_link_libraries` commands may be used with ``INTERFACE``
:command:`target_sources`, and :command:`target_link_libraries` commands
may be used with ``INTERFACE`` libraries.
A primary use-case for ``INTERFACE`` libraries is header-only libraries.
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