Commit 3d9d1c9d authored by James Jones's avatar James Jones Committed by Brad King
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FindOpenAL: Find AL/al.h or OpenAL/al.h in standard include paths

Add `AL` and `OpenAL` to the `PATH_SUFFIXES` so that they are searched
within the standard system include directories.

We already have `include/AL`, `include/OpenAL`, and `include` to help
out within the locations specified by `PATHS`, though it is unclear why
it was done this way instead of adding the suffixes to all the `PATHS`
parent d244a8ab
......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@
find_path(OPENAL_INCLUDE_DIR al.h
PATH_SUFFIXES include/AL include/OpenAL include
PATH_SUFFIXES include/AL include/OpenAL include AL OpenAL
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