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Help: Clarify execute_process COMMAND argument behavior

State in the execute_process how COMMAND arguments are passed to
the child.  Add a note at the end about how the command differs
from add_custom_*().

Suggested-by: Alan W. Irwin
parent ea6b656f
......@@ -26,6 +26,16 @@ A single standard error pipe is used for all processes.
A child process command line.
CMake executes the child process using operating system APIs directly.
All arguments are passed VERBATIM to the child process.
No intermediate shell is used, so shell operators such as ``>``
are treated as normal arguments.
(Use the ``INPUT_*``, ``OUTPUT_*``, and ``ERROR_*`` options to
redirect stdin, stdout, and stderr.)
The named directory will be set as the current working directory of
the child processes.
......@@ -59,3 +69,7 @@ be shared with the corresponding pipes of the CMake process itself.
The :command:`execute_process` command is a newer more powerful version of
:command:`exec_program`, but the old command has been kept for compatibility.
Both commands run while CMake is processing the project prior to build
system generation. Use :command:`add_custom_target` and
:command:`add_custom_command` to create custom commands that run at
build time.
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