Commit 3af0438b authored by Sander Vrijders's avatar Sander Vrijders Committed by Brad King

TestDriver: Replace strncpy with strcpy

GCC 8.1.0 now gives an error if `strncpy` is called with a bound
depending on the length of the source argument.  Replace `strncpy` with
`strcpy` as the length is known a priori.

Fixes: #18038
parent 519427e3
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ static char* lowercase(const char* string)
if (new_string == NULL) { /* NOLINT */
return NULL; /* NOLINT */
strncpy(new_string, string, stringSize);
strcpy(new_string, string);
for (p = new_string; *p != 0; ++p) {
*p = CM_CAST(char, tolower(*p));
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