Commit 3873d29d authored by Patrick Gansterer's avatar Patrick Gansterer

Fix detection of WinCE SDKs with 64bit verion of CMake

Use cmSystemTools::KeyWOW64_32 instead of KeyWOW64_Default to
make sure that the correct part of the registry is read.
parent 40a43024
......@@ -20,8 +20,12 @@ int cmVisualStudioWCEPlatformParser::ParseVersion(const char* version)
const std::string vckey = registryBase + "\\Setup\\VC;ProductDir";
const std::string vskey = registryBase + "\\Setup\\VS;ProductDir";
if(!cmSystemTools::ReadRegistryValue(vckey.c_str(), this->VcInstallDir) ||
!cmSystemTools::ReadRegistryValue(vskey.c_str(), this->VsInstallDir))
cmSystemTools::KeyWOW64_32) ||
return 0;
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