Commit 34f5ef56 authored by Gregor Jasny's avatar Gregor Jasny
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iOS: Fix App Bundle layout

In contrast to OS X the iOS App Bundle layout is a flat structure.
parent fc6c5074
......@@ -152,13 +152,19 @@ void cmInstallTargetGenerator::GenerateScriptForConfig(std::ostream& os,
// Handle OSX Bundles.
cmMakefile const* mf = this->Target->Target->GetMakefile();
// Install the whole app bundle directory.
type = cmInstallType_DIRECTORY;
literal_args += " USE_SOURCE_PERMISSIONS";
from1 += ".app";
// Tweaks apply to the binary inside the bundle.
to1 += ".app/Contents/MacOS/";
to1 += ".app/";
to1 += "Contents/MacOS/";
to1 += targetName;
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