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Commit 3495ab0a authored by Ben Boeckel's avatar Ben Boeckel
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tests: update unused variable test expected output

The expected output is now a relative path, not a full path. Update the
pass/fail detection accordingly.
parent 2a1b2d84
......@@ -1820,9 +1820,9 @@ ${CMake_BINARY_DIR}/bin/cmake -DDIR=dev -P ${CMake_SOURCE_DIR}/Utilities/Release
--build-options ${build_options}
set_tests_properties(WarnUnusedUnusedViaUnset PROPERTIES
PASS_REGULAR_EXPRESSION "CMake Warning .*VariableUnusedViaUnset.CMakeLists.txt:7 \\(set\\):")
PASS_REGULAR_EXPRESSION "CMake Warning \\(dev\\) at CMakeLists.txt:7 \\(set\\):")
set_tests_properties(WarnUnusedUnusedViaUnset PROPERTIES
FAIL_REGULAR_EXPRESSION "CMake Warning .*VariableUnusedViaUnset.CMakeLists.txt:5 \\(set\\):")
FAIL_REGULAR_EXPRESSION "CMakeLists.txt:5 \\(set\\):")
list(APPEND TEST_BUILD_DIRS "${CMake_BINARY_DIR}/Tests/WarnUnusedUnusedViaUnset")
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