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CMake 2.8.12-rc1

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Changes in CMake 2.8.12-rc1 (since
Adam J. Weigold (1):
CPackWIX: Add support for custom WiX templates
Alex Neundorf (12):
CMakeSystem: include toolchain file after setting CMAKE_HOST_ (#13796)
Add support files for C, C++ and ASM for the IAR toolchain.
Add regexps for the IAR toolchain to the vendor list.
Add IAR to the CMakeDetectC(XX)CompilerID.c(pp).in
cmake-gui: use shortcut F only for "Find in Output"
Eclipse: fix #14204 and #14205: no file links to directories
automoc: add a global AUTOMOC_TARGETS_FOLDER property
install: do not strip dll import libraries (#14123)
ExportTargets: add one more comment to the generated file.
Add documentation for the --graphviz support
graphvizoptions: add copyright notice
add macros cmake_print_properties() and cmake_print_variables()
Alexander Mohr (1):
VS: Detect MSVC compiler id on ARM toolchain
Andreas Mohr (10):
Fix spelling and typos (affecting users)
Fix spelling and typos (affecting binary data / module messages)
Fix spelling and typos (non-binary)
Fix spelling and typos (product names)
FindwxWidgets: add DOC strings with usual style
Explain distribution of Win9x binary on all Windows versions.
VS10: add detailed comment about MIDL processing
Docs: Clarify that CMAKE_*_(PREFIX|SUFFIX) affect filenames
Docs: Clarify wording "flag used" => "flag (to|will) be used"
Ben Boeckel (12):
set_property: Do not remove a property when APPENDing nothing
Tests/RunCMake: Document stripping of expected output
export: Error when exporting a target without a language
variable_watch: Store client data as pointers
variable_watch: Add a deleter for the client data
variable_watch: Match client_data when finding duplicates
variable_watch: Allow specifying the data to match in RemoveWatch
variable_watch: Prevent making extra entries in the watch map
variable_watch: Fix a typo in the error message
variable_watch: Don't share memory for callbacks
variable_watch: Check newValue for NULL
variable_watch: Add test for watching a variable multiple times
Bill Hoffman (1):
Do not set CMAKE_MATCH_ variables when not neeeded
Bjoern Thiel (1):
SelectLibraryConfigurations: Fix for cached <base>_LIBRARY
Brad King (91):
VS: Separate compiler and linker PDB files (#11899, #14062)
MSVC: Invoke 'link' directly for executables
Ninja: Fix OBJECT_DIR placeholder path conversion
VS 10: Escape ; as %3B in preprocessor definitions (#14073)
CTest: Simplify ctest_* command source/build dir lookup
get_filename_component: Add explicit unit tests
get_filename_component: Add DIRECTORY option (#14091)
Xcode: Use explicitFileType to mark source types (#14093)
Check{C,CXX}CompilerFlag: Test using C locale (#14102)
Windows: Search '/' prefix only when cross compiling (#10994)
Recognize ld with toolchain prefix (#13960)
VS: Always initialize CMAKE_CONFIGURATION_TYPES in IDE generators
Begin post-2.8.11 development
Sanitize linker name to parse implicit link line (#14154)
VS: Allow /Fa to set AssemblerListingLocation (#14153)
Tests/IncludeDirectories: Avoid shared library with no symbols
if: Add test for IS_DIRECTORY
try_compile: Add test for bad call error cases
try_compile: Refactor argument processing
variable_watch: Add test for MODIFIED_ACCESS report
bootstrap: Compile KWSys SystemTools with UTIME(S|NSAT) values
variable_watch: Remove leftover debugging code (#14187)
variable_watch: Print accesses as "CMake Debug Log" messages
Docs: Clarify CMAKE_PARENT_LIST_FILE (#14194)
get_filename_component: Test ABSOLUTE of .. after root component
try_compile: Add signature to allow multiple SOURCES
enable_language: Clarify documentation
Split cmBootstrapCommands.cxx into two sources
cmake: Document "-E tar" support for .zip (#14225)
FindBoost: Clarify failure on missing 'static' libs (#14235)
CMakeDetermineVSServicePack: Improve documentation
CMakeDetermineVSServicePack: Add VS 11 update 1 and 2 (#14239)
Document ENV syntax as a "variable" (#14245)
Embarcadero: Use response files only for includes, objects, and libs
Escape target flags taken from COMPILE_OPTIONS
Refactor target COMPILE_OPTIONS and COMPILE_FLAGS handling
CMakeDetermineVSServicePack: Add VS 11 update 3
Document removal of 'register' from flex/bison output
VS12: Find proper MSBuild for VSProjectInSubdir test
Fortran: Use explicit type in Fortran 90 check
project: Document top-level CMakeLists.txt requirement
ExternalProject: Document multiple COMMAND lines
include: Clarify variable access scope for included file
VS: Fix /MAP:mapfile flag mapping (#14282)
cmake: On configure error suggest looking at CMake*.log files
try_compile: Escape CMAKE_<lang>_FLAGS in test projects (#14268)
try_compile: Add COPY_FILE_ERROR option to capture failure
FindPNG: Add versioned library names for 1.6 (#14289)
cmake: Fix resource leak reported by cppcheck
VS,Xcode: Drop incorrect legacy dependency trace (#14291)
OS X: Add copyright notices to Darwin-*-Fortran.cmake
VS: Avoid leaking child process output back to IDE (#14266)
Fix ExportImport test cmp0022NEW build on Watcom
add_test: Document test name restrictions (#14298)
UseJava: Update notice of copyright by Kitware
add_custom_command: Manage backtrace memory correctly (#14299)
Teach compiler ABI check to tolerate try_compile COPY_FILE failure
Test COMPILE_DEFINITIONS target property get/set/get round-trip
Check*CompilerFlag: Document use of CMAKE_REQUIRED_DEFINITIONS (#14309)
sha2: Avoid type-punned pointer dereference (#14314)
VS 6: Tell BuildDepends test to tolerate ninjadep failure
cmMakefile: Do not track configured files known to be temporary
libarchive: Update README-CMake.txt for new snapshot
libarchive: Include cm_zlib.h to get zlib used by CMake
libarchive: Silence API deprecation warnings
libarchive: Avoid struct init with variable
libarchive: Remove build options not used by CMake
libarchive: Backport to CMake 2.8.2
VS10: Honor user-specified /SUBSYSTEM: flag (#14326)
VS10: Escape include paths in XML project files (#14331)
OS X: Search for SDK based on deployment target (#14324)
bootstrap: Do not suppress CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT if CFLAGS have -isysroot (#14324)
OS X: Enable command-line build without tools in PATH
VS 6,7: Refactor local generators to avoid GetSourceFileWithOutput
cmake-gui: Fix build rules for Qt5 on Windows
Include cmMakefile.h before cm*Lexer.h to get stdint.h first
Skip CTestLimitDashJ test on Borland
Add RunCMake.Syntax test to cover argument parsing
cmListFileLexer: Fix line number after backslash in string
cmListFileLexer: Split normal and legacy unquoted arguments
cmListFileArgument: Generalize 'Quoted' bool to 'Delimeter' enum
Add RunCMake.Syntax test cases for command invocation styles
cmListFileCache: Convert CMake language parser to class
Warn about arguments not separated by whitespace
Warn about unquoted arguments that look like long brackets
cmListFileLexer: Modify flex output to avoid Borland warning
Cygwin: Avoid legacy warnings in RunCMake.* tests
Update version introducing CMP0021, CMP0022, and CMP0023
OS X: Do not default to non-existent deployment target SDK
Do not warn about left paren not separated by a space
Christian Maaser (1):
VS: Add support for .NET target framework version
Clinton Stimpson (12):
Refactor how bundles and frameworks are supported.
Xcode: Add support for shared library versioning
OS X: Fix getting of CFBundle LOCATION property.
OS X: Add RPATH support for Mac.
Xcode: Add rpath support in Xcode generator.
OS X: Add support for @rpath in export files.
OS X: Add test for rpaths on Mac.
OS X: Improvements for getting install name of dylib.
OS X: Enable rpath support on Mac OS X when find_library() is used.
OS X: Fix regression handling frameworks for Ninja
OS X: If necessary, use xcrun to help find otool used to query install names.
Cédric OCHS (1):
Xcode: Support XCODE_ATTRIBUTE_ with [variant=<config>] (#12532)
Daniele E. Domenichelli (15):
FindGTK2: Move check for pangocairo in gtk module
FindGTK2: Detect gthread library
FindFreetype: Detect Freetype installed by GtkMM installer for win
FindGTK2: Do not fail on MSVC11 if vc100 libraries are available
FindGTK2: Add GTK2_DEFINITIONS variable
SelectLibraryConfigurations: Do not cache the _LIBRARY variable
SelectLibraryConfigurations: Use -NOTFOUND instead of copying the vars
FindGTK2: Use GTK_XXX_LIBRARY_DEBUG libraries in debug mode
FindGTK2: Append _LIBRARY to var name in _GTK2_FIND_LIBRARY
FindGTK2: Append _INCLUDE_DIR to var name in _GTK2_FIND_INCLUDE_DIR
FindGTK2: Update local changelog
FindGTK2: gthread-2.0 folder does not exist
FindGTK2: Detect gmodule library
FindGTK2: Detect pangoft2 and pangoxft libraries
David Coppa (1):
OpenBSD: Enable ELF parsing and editing (#14241)
David Golub (1):
CPack/NSIS: Obtain path from which to uninstall from registry (#14124)
Eric NOULARD (5):
Add support for componentized USER spec file
CPackRPM add mechanism to remove path from generated list of file in RPM spec.
CPackRPM add /usr/lib64 to the list of builtin to-be-excluded path
CPackRPM protect '@' character in filename processed in the spec file.
CPackRPM make the changelog line conform to expected format
Fredrik Axelsson (1):
Funda Wang (1):
FindImageMagick: Find v6 include dir (#14174)
Graham Markall (2):
OS X: Add Fortran library version flags (#14249)
UseJava: Pass sources to javac using response file (#13028)
Gregoire Lejeune (1):
Allow using Java in a cross-compilation toolchain
Ian Monroe (2):
Ninja: use cd /D to set directory on Windows
CPackWIX: Fix MSI package layout regression from parent
Igor Murzov (2):
bash-completion: Add -S,-SP options arguments completion
bash-completion: Fix/improve generator names extraction
Jack O'Connor (1):
Eclipse: Add a missing space in the documentation
Jason Spiro (1):
MinGW: Find mingw32-make included with Code::Blocks IDE (#14302)
John Farrier (2):
VS: Add Windows Forms Support
Jonas Andersen (1):
VS: Add Resx configuration to the vcxproj file
LibArchive Upstream (1):
libarchive 3.1.2 (reduced)
Marc Bartholomaeus (4):
cmake-gui: Add search functions for Output window (#9733)
cmake-gui: Add search functions to the context menu of the Output widget
cmake-gui: Change shortcut of the search field from Ctrl-F to Alt-E
cmake-gui: Add function for going to next error message in Output window
Marcel Loose (1):
FindCUDA: Remove duplicate entries from INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES.
Marius Schamschula (1):
FindX11: Search in /opt/X11 for OS X 10.8 (#14232)
Mathias Gaunard (1):
FindCUDA: CUDA_COMPUTE_BUILD_PATH uses relative paths to binary dir.
Matt McCormick (1):
ExternalProject: Allow blank SVN_USERNAME/SVN_PASSWORD (#14128)
Matthew Bentham (1):
Matthew Woehlke (3):
UseJava.cmake: fully use cmake_parse_arguments in add_jar
FindProtobuf: also find pthread
UseJava.cmake: document add_jar compat shim
Nicolas Despres (1):
Optimize custom command full-path dependency lookup
Nils Gladitz (1):
Add cmake_host_system_information command
Patrick Gansterer (20):
Add option to use stdout/stderr of original terminal in cmake --build
Unify the way the flags of a static library are read
Add CMAKE_STATIC_LINKER_FLAGS to CMakeCommonLanguageInclude
Add documentation for the missing CMAKE_*_LINKER_FLAGS_* variables
Add additonal tests for the linker flags
VS6: Add handling of CMAKE_*_LINKER_FLAGS_<CONFIG> variables
VS6: Hardcode id_machine_6 for compiler detection
VS10: Do not set the TargetMachine when detecting the compiler
VS: Replace ArchitectureId with PlatformName
VS12: Remove duplicated overload of UseFolderProperty()
Fix detection of WinCE SDKs with 64bit verion of CMake
VS: Unify how the name of the generator is specified
VS10: Add support for assembler code (#11536)
WIN: Use COFF file header header for architecture detection (#14083)
Improve const-correctness in cmVisualStudioGeneratorOptions
Fix setting of the entry point symbol for Windows CE (#14088)
Add support for new Windows CE compiler
VS11: Add support for Windows CE SDKs
Paul Kunysch (1):
CTest: Add test for running many tests in parallel
Pavel Shramov (1):
cmDependsC: Collapse relative include paths
Petr Kmoch (5):
Add projectDir parameter to GenerateBuildCommand
VS: Create parser for Visual Studio .sln files
VS: Use .sln parser to build targets in subdirs with msbuild (#13623)
VS: Add test for building MSBuild project in subdir
ctest_build: Pass projectDir to GenerateBuildCommand
Reid Kleckner (1):
Ninja: Make cmcldeps depfile output more consistent with 'ninja -t msvc'
Richard Ulrich (3):
CPackWIX: Handle multiple shortcuts in the start menu
CPackWIX: Add option to specify the language(s) of the installer
CMakeCPack: Provide an upgrade guid for WiX
Robert Maynard (9):
cmMakefile: Refactor AddCMakeDependFile and AddCMakeOutputFile.
Ninja: Track configured files so we can regenerate them.
cmMakefile: Track configured files so we can regenerate them (#13582)
Add a test to expose a bug with add_custom_command and ninja.
Ninja: GlobalNinjaGenerator WriteBuild and WritePhonyBuild non static
Ninja: Custom Command file depends don't need to exist before building
FindCUDA: Search for libraries in <prefix>/lib/<arch>/nvidida-current.
Ninja: Properly convert all paths to unix style before we do set intersection.
Ninja: Update BuildDepends test to verify cmcldeps depfiles.
Robin Lee (1):
FindOpenSSL: Fix spelling of CMAKE_CROSSCOMPILING (#14075)
Rolf Eike Beer (25):
FindOpenGL: simplify OS selection code
FindOpenGL: require headers to be found on non-Windows platforms (#13746)
Tests: create output files for all memory checkers
CTest: use an output file for Valgrind (#14110)
CTest: remove unreachable code and CTestTestMemcheckUnknown test
Tests: remove code duplication in CTestTestMemCheck tests
Tests: verify that memory checker output files are always present
CTest: drop suppression for gcc 2.9.6 errors from default Valgrind flags
Tests: add test for non-existent Valgrind suppression file
CTest: fix comment documenting cmBoundsCheckerParser class
Tests: add a test with custom options passed to valgrind
CTest: make sure never to report negative test times (#14132)
Doc: fix example for FAIL_REGULAR_EXPRESSION
CTest: break after first regex match on output
Tests: ignore Guard Malloc messages in MemChecker tests
CTest: avoid useless changing of directory
Tests: fix build of dummy memtester on AIX
wizard: fix warnings
wizard: simplify control flow
cmTarget: drop the unused local typedef LinkLine
Tests: ignore GuardMalloc messages on all Apple build, not just XCode ones
replace string(... MATCHES "^const$) with string(... STREQUAL "const")
Revert "CTest: fix pre and post test commands with spaces" (#13887)
FindPNG: improve library detection (#14301)
CTest: create one output file per memcheck (#14303)
Sean McBride (1):
Remove some uses of obsolete 'register' storage specifier
Sebastian Leske (1):
Document CMAKE_<LANG>_FLAGS variable (#14305)
Stephen Kelly (126):
Make the QtAutomoc test compile with either Qt 4 or Qt 5
Add a test for Qt5Automoc
Remove an endif() followed by an if() for the same condition.
Fix some copyastos in the DetermineRCCompiler file.
Test transitive includes from setting the LINK_LIBRARIES property.
Test the use of target transitive compile definitions with moc.
Fix handling of commas in arbitrary content in genexes.
Fix style.
Remove unused marker for a variable which is now used.
Extract the ProcessArbitraryContent method.
Rename the method determining if a genex accepts arbitrary content.
Make it possible for any genex to have arbitrary content at the end.
Add the JOIN generator expression.
Test that linking using the debug keyword to tll works.
automoc: Read target defines unconditionally
Remove unused typedef.
Fix brace indentation.
Add EXPORT_NAME property.
Remove unused vector population.
Sublime: Honor source-level COMPILE_FLAGS property
Docs: cmake -G selects a "build system" generator
Recognize shared library files with a numerical suffix
FindQt4: Fix QUIET failure with Qt 5 but not Qt 4
Error on relative path in INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES target property.
include_directories: Fix handling of empty or space-only entries
CTest: Read CTEST_PARALLEL_LEVEL from environment
string: Add MAKE_C_IDENTIFIER subcommand
GenerateExportHeader: Add newlines to separate the compiler output.
GenerateExportHeader: Allow use of of this macro with MODULEs.
file: Add GENERATE command to produce files at generate time
Tests/Module/GenerateExportHeader: Test exported free-function
Add $<LINK_LANGUAGE> generator expression
GenerateExportHeader: Generate only C identifiers as defines
Tests/CompileDefinitions: Avoid spaces in defines on VS 6
Use the qt5::moc imported target instead of a variable.
QtAutomoc: Get the Qt version through the target link interface
Fix indentation.
VS6: Rename some variables to correspond to config values.
Add cmLocalGenerator::GetCompileOptions.
Add <LANG>_COMPILER_ID generator expressions.
cmTarget: Rename struct to be more re-usable.
cmTarget: Rename LinkInterfaceIncludeDirectoriesEntries
Add COMPILE_OPTIONS target property.
Add target_compile_options command.
Introduce target property <LANG>_VISIBILITY_PRESET
Qt4Macros: Allow specifying a TARGET in invokations of macros.
Introduce add_compile_options command.
Remove unused cmAddDefinitionsCommand::ParseDefinition method.
Add some spaces to the INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES documentation.
CLI: Suppress the unused warning if the key value pair is cached.
Use --sysroot when cross compiling.
Add missing 'seen' check for evaluating COMPILE_OPTIONS.
Find targets in INTERFACE_COMPILE_OPTIONS when exporting for try_compile.
Use a preprocessor loop to manage the valid transitive properties.
Genex: Fix indentation in docs.
cmSystemTools: Fix typo in comment.
Style: Don't put an else after a return.
Add compiler target compile options.
QtAutomoc: Fix handling of list separator for compile definitions.
QtAutomoc: Use config-dependent compile definitions and includes.
De-duplicate version comparison code.
Add generator expressions for version comparision.
Don't run the WarnUnusedCliUnused test on Windows.
Add whitespace after colons in error messages.
Add missing return after error report.
Genex: Make LINK_LANGUAGE report an error when evaluating link libraries.
Genex: Extend EvaluatingLinkLibraries to also check the top target name.
Genex: Report error if a target file is needed to evaluate link libraries.
Add generator expressions for compiler versions.
Split the GeneratorExpression test into a third part.
Remove unused variable.
Add Target API to determine if an include is a system include.
Store system include directories in the cmTarget.
Extend the cmTargetPropCommandBase interface property handling.
Add a SYSTEM parameter to target_include_directories (#14180)
Add entire link interface transitive closure as target depends.
Test non-IMPORTED libraries in the INTERFACE of IMPORTED libraries.
GenexEval: Add abstracted access to link interface for a target.
Introduce the LINK_ONLY generator expression.
Introduce the INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES property.
Export: Generate INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES property on targets.
TLL: Don't populate old link interface if CMP0022 is NEW.
Overload cmLocalGenerator::AppendDefines to add a list.
Add an overload of cmIDEOptions::AddDefines taking a vector of strings.
Refactor cmTarget::GetCompileDefinitions to use an out-vector, not a string.
Document some variables for deprecation control.
Genex: Make CMP0021 and CMP0022 usable with TARGET_POLICY
Revert "Use --sysroot when cross compiling."
Add target property debugging for COMPILE_DEFINITIONS
Mark qt4_use_modules and qt4_automoc as obsolete.
Don't add trailing whitespace to error message.
Remove the LINK_LANGUAGE generator expression.
Genex: Fix $<CONFIG> with IMPORTED targets and multiple locations.
FindQt4: Don't use Qt component _FOUND vars before they're defined (#14286)
Add a convenient way to add the includes install dir to the INTERFACE.
Use linked frameworks as a source of include directories.
target_link_libraries: Add PUBLIC/PRIVATE/INTERFACE keyword signature
FindQt4: Re-add QAxServer to the QT_MODULES.
FindQt4: Populate the INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES of IMPORTED targets.
Genex: Allow relative paths in INSTALL_INTERFACE.
cmTarget: Fix property name typo in docs.
Docs: Document file(GENERATE) CONDITION as optional.
Qt4Macros: Remove unneeded generate CONDITION.
Qt4Macros: Remove undefined varible use.
Qt4Macros: Simplify some variable population.
Docs: Document existing target property debugging options.
Docs: Trim trailing whitespace in generated doc.
Docs: Generalize and de-duplicate VISIBILITY_PREFIX docs.
Docs: Document variables for default visibility values.
cmTarget: Remove duplicates when printing traces of tll signatures
cmTarget: Fix iface libraries and languages for static libraries.
Genex: Disallow LINKER_LANGUAGE only when used on a static library.
install: Remove error condition using INCLUDES DESTINATION without EXPORT.
Fix crash on export of target with empty INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES.
Allow target commands to be invoked with no items (#14325).
cmTarget: Add NAME property
Export: Process generator expressions from INCLUDES DESTINATION.
Add the ALIAS target concept for libraries and executables.
Revert "Add compiler target compile options."
Genex: Fix segfault when parsing ends with parameter expectation.
Vadim Zhukov (1):
Add cmake_reset_check_state() macro
Victor Zverovich (1):
Use GmakeErrorParser instead of deprecated MakeErrorParser (fixes bug 0013699)
Yichao Yu (1):
variable_watch: Add missing string enumeration entry (#14188)
Ömer Fadıl USTA (3):
ccmake: Add missing initializers reported by cppcheck
libarchive: Fix free() order to avoid accessing freed memory
cmcurl: Fix resource leak reported by cppcheck
Changes in CMake (since
Alex Neundorf (1):
# CMake version number components.
set(CMake_VERSION_TWEAK 20130815)
#set(CMake_VERSION_RC 1)
set(CMake_VERSION_RC 1)
......@@ -162,7 +162,7 @@ bool cmExportInstallFileGenerator::GenerateMainFile(std::ostream& os)
if (require2_8_12)
this->GenerateRequiredCMakeVersion(os, "");
this->GenerateRequiredCMakeVersion(os, "2.8.12");
// Now load per-configuration properties for them.
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