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VS: Accept and translate '-T version=' values with three components

The VS 16.8 and VS 16.9 toolset versions differ only in their third
component.  The `vcvarsall` option `-vcvars_ver=` accepts a three
component version, so accept this format for VS toolset selection too.

Issue: #21922
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......@@ -432,3 +432,11 @@ Changes made since CMake 3.19.0 include the following.
``CMakePresets.json`` or ``CMakeUserPresets.json`` files.
This was mistakenly allowed by the implementation in CMake 3.19.0 through
CMake 3.19.5, and was not documented.
* With :ref:`Visual Studio Generators` for VS 2017 and higher, the
:variable:`CMAKE_GENERATOR_TOOLSET` field ``version=`` now accepts
three-component MSVC toolset versions such as ``14.28.29910``.
See the :variable:`CMAKE_VS_PLATFORM_TOOLSET_VERSION` variable.
......@@ -19,3 +19,15 @@ its ``Microsoft.VCToolsVersion.*.props`` file names.
VS 16.9's toolset may also be specified as ```` because
VS 16.10 uses the file name ``Microsoft.VCToolsVersion.``.
Three-Component MSVC Toolset Versions
.. versionadded:: 3.19.7
The ``version=`` field may be given a three-component toolset version
such as ``14.28.29910``, and CMake will convert it to the name used by
MSBuild ``Microsoft.VCToolsVersion.*.props`` files. This is useful
to distinguish between VS 16.8's ``14.28.29333`` toolset and VS 16.9's
``14.28.29910`` toolset. It also matches ``vcvarsall``'s ``-vcvars_ver=``
......@@ -4,6 +4,9 @@
#include <cmext/string_view>
#include "cmsys/FStream.hxx"
#include "cmsys/Glob.hxx"
#include "cmAlgorithms.h"
#include "cmDocumentationEntry.h"
#include "cmLocalVisualStudio10Generator.h"
......@@ -439,6 +442,40 @@ cmGlobalVisualStudioVersionedGenerator::FindAuxToolset(
// Translate three-component format accepted by "vcvarsall -vcvars_ver=".
cmsys::RegularExpression threeComponent(
if (threeComponent.find(version)) {
// Load "VC/Auxiliary/Build/*/Microsoft.VCToolsVersion.*.txt" files
// with two matching components to check their three-component version.
std::string const& twoComponent = threeComponent.match(1);
std::string pattern =
cmStrCat(instancePath, "/VC/Auxiliary/Build/"_s, twoComponent,
"*/Microsoft.VCToolsVersion."_s, twoComponent, "*.txt"_s);
cmsys::Glob glob;
if (glob.FindFiles(pattern)) {
for (std::string const& txt : glob.GetFiles()) {
std::string ver;
cmsys::ifstream fin(txt.c_str());
if (fin && std::getline(fin, ver)) {
// Strip trailing whitespace.
ver = ver.substr(0, ver.find_first_not_of("0123456789."));
// If the three-component version matches, translate it to
// that used by the "Microsoft.VCToolsVersion.*.txt" file name.
if (ver == version) {
cmsys::RegularExpression extractVersion(
if (extractVersion.find(txt)) {
version = extractVersion.match(1);
if (cmSystemTools::VersionCompareGreaterEq(version, "14.20")) {
props = cmStrCat(instancePath, "/VC/Auxiliary/Build."_s, version,
"/Microsoft.VCToolsVersion."_s, version, ".props"_s);
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