Commit 2c9f3578 authored by Christian Pfeiffer's avatar Christian Pfeiffer Committed by Brad King
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VS: Decide project type by linker lang as fallback

Fixes: #16738
parent 21499431
......@@ -729,12 +729,26 @@ bool cmGlobalVisualStudioGenerator::TargetIsFortranOnly(
return false;
// If there's only one source language, Fortran has to be used
// in order for the sources to compile.
// Note: Via linker propagation, LINKER_LANGUAGE could become CXX in
// this situation and mismatch from the actual language of the linker.
gt->GetLanguages(languages, "");
if (languages.size() == 1) {
if (*languages.begin() == "Fortran") {
return true;
// In the case of mixed object files or sources mixed with objects,
// decide the language based on the value of LINKER_LANGUAGE.
// This will not make it possible to mix source files of different
// languages, but object libraries will be linked together in the
// same fashion as other generators do.
if (gt->GetLinkerLanguage("") == "Fortran") {
return true;
return false;
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