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Commit 2ad4f4bb authored by Ken Martin's avatar Ken Martin
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BUG: fix some bad changes in progress calc

parent c559ce8f
......@@ -877,16 +877,12 @@ unsigned long cmGlobalUnixMakefileGenerator3
::GetNumberOfProgressActionsInAll(cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3 *lg)
unsigned long result = 0;
std::set<cmStdString> emitted;
std::set<cmTarget *>& targets = this->LocalGeneratorToTargetMap[lg];
for(std::set<cmTarget *>::iterator t = targets.begin();
t != targets.end(); ++t)
cmTarget * target = *t;
cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3 *lg3 =
static_cast<cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3 *>
std::vector<int> &progFiles = lg3->ProgressFiles[target->GetName()];
result += static_cast<unsigned long>(progFiles.size());
result += this->GetTargetTotalNumberOfActions(**t,emitted);
return result;
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