Commit 2a68ff7f authored by Björn Esser's avatar Björn Esser Committed by Brad King

Utilities/Sphinx: Restore compatibility with Sphinx pre-1.2

Since commit v3.8.0-rc2~28^2~2 (Utilities/Sphinx: Port cmake extension
to Sphinx 1.4, 2017-02-09) we use the `sphinx.version_info` tuple.
However, it was added in Sphinx v1.2 so the check breaks compatibility
with older versions.  Revise our check to assume Sphinx pre-1.2 if the
version tuple does not exist.
parent f15cfd89
......@@ -46,7 +46,20 @@ from sphinx.directives import ObjectDescription
from import Domain, ObjType
from sphinx.roles import XRefRole
from sphinx.util.nodes import make_refnode
from sphinx import addnodes, version_info
from sphinx import addnodes
# Needed for checking if Sphinx version is >= 1.4.
# See
old_sphinx = False
from sphinx import version_info
if version_info < (1, 4):
old_sphinx = True
except ImportError:
# The `sphinx.version_info` tuple was added in Sphinx v1.2:
old_sphinx = True
class CMakeModule(Directive):
required_arguments = 1
......@@ -124,7 +137,7 @@ class _cmake_index_entry:
def __call__(self, title, targetid, main = 'main'):
# See
if version_info < (1, 4):
if old_sphinx:
return ('pair', u'%s ; %s' % (self.desc, title), targetid, main)
return ('pair', u'%s ; %s' % (self.desc, title), targetid, main, None)
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