Commit 2a131415 authored by Philipp Möller's avatar Philipp Möller

cmake-mode.el: Clean up cmake-command-run and add buffername argument

parent 2816ffae
......@@ -266,38 +266,22 @@ the indentation. Otherwise it retains the same position on the line"
(defun cmake-command-run (type &optional topic)
(defun cmake-command-run (type &optional topic buffer)
"Runs the command cmake with the arguments specified. The
optional argument topic will be appended to the argument list."
(interactive "s")
(let* ((bufname (concat "*CMake" type (if topic "-") topic "*"))
(buffer (get-buffer bufname))
(let* ((bufname (if buffer buffer (concat "*CMake" type (if topic "-") topic "*")))
(buffer (if (get-buffer bufname) (get-buffer bufname) (generate-new-buffer bufname)))
(command (concat cmake-mode-cmake-executable " " type " " topic))
;; Turn of resizing of mini-windows for shell-command.
(resize-mini-windows nil)
(if buffer
(display-buffer buffer 'not-this-window)
;; Buffer doesn't exist. Create it and fill it
(let ((buffer (generate-new-buffer bufname))
(command (concat cmake-mode-cmake-executable " " type " " topic))
(message "Running %s" command)
;; We don't want the contents of the shell-command running to the
;; minibuffer, so turn it off. A value of nil means don't automatically
;; resize mini-windows.
(setq resize-mini-windows-save resize-mini-windows)
(setq resize-mini-windows nil)
(shell-command command buffer)
;; Save the original window, so that we can come back to it later.
;; save-excursion doesn't seem to work for this.
(setq window (selected-window))
;; We need to select it so that we can apply special modes to it
(select-window (display-buffer buffer 'not-this-window))
(toggle-read-only t)
;; Restore the original window
(select-window window)
(setq resize-mini-windows resize-mini-windows-save)
(shell-command command buffer)
(select-window (display-buffer buffer 'not-this-window))
(toggle-read-only t))
(setq resize-mini-windows resize-mini-windows-save)
......@@ -327,12 +311,11 @@ optional argument topic will be appended to the argument list."
(defun cmake-help-command ()
"Prints out the help message corresponding to the command the cursor is on."
(cmake-command-run "--help-command" (downcase (cmake-get-topic "command"))))
(cmake-command-run "--help-command" (downcase (cmake-get-topic "command")) "*CMake Help*"))
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