Commit 23451a66 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King

GetPrerequisites: Do not warn about non-absolute UCRT system libraries

Issue: #17007
parent 8fe54172
......@@ -609,7 +609,7 @@ function(gp_resolved_file_type original_file file exepath dirs type_var)
if(NOT is_embedded)
if(NOT IS_ABSOLUTE "${resolved_file}")
if(lower MATCHES "^msvc[^/]+dll" AND is_system)
if(lower MATCHES "^(msvc|api-ms-win-)[^/]+dll" AND is_system)
message(STATUS "info: non-absolute msvc file '${file}' returning type '${type}'")
message(STATUS "warning: gp_resolved_file_type non-absolute file '${file}' returning type '${type}' -- possibly incorrect")
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