Commit 22d69a94 authored by Bill Hoffman's avatar Bill Hoffman
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BUG: fix to make spaces in paths work for jump over with borland and nmake on second build

parent 50a0936f
......@@ -1796,7 +1796,7 @@ void cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator::OutputBuildTargetInDirWindows(std::ostream& f
jumpBack = this->ConvertToOutputForExisting(jumpBack.c_str());
std::string wpath = this->ConvertToOutputForExisting(path);
std::string wfullpath = this->ConvertToOutputForExisting(fullpath);
std::string wfullpath = this->ConvertToRelativeOutputPath(fullpath);
fout << wfullpath
<< ":\n\tcd " << wpath << "\n"
<< "\t$(MAKE) -$(MAKEFLAGS) $(MAKESILENT) cmake.depends\n"
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