Commit 2006e4a4 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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Generate proper Intel Fortran project version

The Intel Visual Fortran compiler plugin for MS Visual Studio may be one
of several versions of the Intel compiler.  This commit teaches CMake to
detect the plugin version and set the version number in .vfproj files.
See issue #9169.
parent 09e398fa
......@@ -31,6 +31,9 @@
#include <ctype.h> // for isspace
// Package GUID of Intel Visual Fortran plugin to VS IDE
#define CM_INTEL_PLUGIN_GUID "{B68A201D-CB9B-47AF-A52F-7EEC72E217E4}"
static bool cmLVS6G_IsFAT(const char* dir);
class cmLocalVisualStudio7GeneratorInternals
......@@ -1675,10 +1678,19 @@ cmLocalVisualStudio7Generator
cmGlobalVisualStudio7Generator* gg =
static_cast<cmGlobalVisualStudio7Generator *>(this->GlobalGenerator);
// Compute the version of the Intel plugin to the VS IDE.
// If the key does not exist then use a default guess.
std::string intelVersion = "9.10";
std::string vskey = gg->GetRegistryBase();
vskey += "\\Packages\\" CM_INTEL_PLUGIN_GUID ";ProductVersion";
cmSystemTools::ReadRegistryValue(vskey.c_str(), intelVersion,
fout << "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding = \"Windows-1252\"?>\n"
<< "<VisualStudioProject\n"
<< "\tProjectCreator=\"Intel Fortran\"\n"
<< "\tVersion=\"9.10\"\n";
<< "\tVersion=\"" << intelVersion << "\"\n";
const char* keyword = target.GetProperty("VS_KEYWORD");
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