Commit 20028d60 authored by Julien Schueller's avatar Julien Schueller Committed by Brad King

UseSWIG: Remove duplicate include dirs (#14520)

Shorten the swig command line.
parent 26ccafea
......@@ -159,6 +159,7 @@ macro(SWIG_ADD_SOURCE_TO_MODULE name outfiles infile)
#message("Full path to source file: ${swig_source_file_fullname}")
#message("Full path to the output file: ${swig_generated_file_fullname}")
get_directory_property(cmake_include_directories INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES)
list(REMOVE_DUPLICATES cmake_include_directories)
foreach(it ${cmake_include_directories})
set(swig_include_dirs ${swig_include_dirs} "-I${it}")
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