Commit 1fc5efed authored by David Cole's avatar David Cole

Convert the CPACK_CYGWIN_PATCH_NUMBER variable to a cache variable

Makes it easy to override it, by priming the cache from a release
build script, for example.

Also: correct mistaken @@ variable references with plain ${}
style references so that future readers do not think that it
must be an input to configure_file...
parent c4306dc8
......@@ -99,13 +99,14 @@ if(EXISTS "${CMAKE_ROOT}/Modules/CPack.cmake")
# Create a cygwin version number in case there are changes for cygwin
# that are not reflected upstream in CMake
set(CPACK_CYGWIN_PATCH_NUMBER 1 CACHE STRING "patch number for CMake cygwin packages")
# These files are required by the cmCPackCygwinSourceGenerator and the files
# put into the release tar files.
# include the sub directory cmake file for cygwin that
# configures some files and adds some install targets
# this file uses some of the package file name variables
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