Commit 1cd37527 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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cmCacheManager: Avoid cache entry self-assignment

Since commit bef93dc5 (Couple of changes: cache variables now have a map
of properties, 2002-09-11) the cmCacheManager::AddCacheDefinition method
accesses its map entry by reference.  However, the commit left the
original entry assignment at the end of the method.  With Apple Clang
5.1 and libc++ this self-assignment destroys the cache entry property

Drop the self assignment.  Also drop the condition around the call to
UnwatchUnusedCli since it was a self-comparison that must always have
been true.
parent 326d15a3
......@@ -750,11 +750,7 @@ void cmCacheManager::AddCacheEntry(const char* key,
e.SetProperty("HELPSTRING", helpString? helpString :
"(This variable does not exist and should not be used)");
if (this->Cache[key].Value == e.Value)
this->Cache[key] = e;
bool cmCacheManager::CacheIterator::IsAtEnd() const
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