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write_basic_package_version_file(): improve documentation

add notes when which mode should be used

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......@@ -69,9 +69,13 @@
# major.minor.patch is the version number of the project to be installed
# The COMPATIBILITY mode AnyNewerVersion means that the installed package version
# will be considered compatible if it is newer or exactly the same as the requested version.
# This mode should be used for packages which are fully backward compatible,
# also across major versions.
# If SameMajorVersion is used instead, then the behaviour differs from AnyNewerVersion
# in that the major version number must be the same as requested, e.g. version 2.0 will
# not be considered compatible if 1.0 is requested.
# This mode should be used for packages which guarantee backward compatibility within the
# same major version.
# If your project has more elaborated version matching rules, you will need to write your
# own custom ConfigVersion.cmake file instead of using this macro.
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