Commit 1b115dc2 authored by Bill Hoffman's avatar Bill Hoffman
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ENH: add -L as possible library flag

parent 472c00e3
......@@ -1294,7 +1294,7 @@ void cmLocalGenerator::OutputLinkLibraries(std::ostream& fout,
cmStdString& linkItem = *lib;
// check to see if the link item has a -l already
cmsys::RegularExpression reg("^([ \t]*\\-[lWRB])|([ \t]*\\-framework)|(\\${)|([ \t]*\\-pthread)|([ \t]*`)");
cmsys::RegularExpression reg("^([ \t]*\\-[lLWRB])|([ \t]*\\-framework)|(\\${)|([ \t]*\\-pthread)|([ \t]*`)");
librariesLinked += libLinkFlag;
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