FeatureSummary: Add missing titles for PACKAGES_FOUND and PACKAGES_NOT_FOUND

Since now these can be used with the WHAT argument a title is required.
parent 9a026b90
......@@ -492,6 +492,8 @@ function(FEATURE_SUMMARY)
set(title_ENABLED_FEATURES "The following features have been enabled:")
set(title_DISABLED_FEATURES "The following features have been disabled:")
set(title_PACKAGES_FOUND "The following packages have been found:")
set(title_PACKAGES_NOT_FOUND "The following packages have not been found:")
set(title_OPTIONAL_PACKAGES_FOUND "The following OPTIONAL packages have been found:")
set(title_OPTIONAL_PACKAGES_NOT_FOUND "The following OPTIONAL packages have not been found:")
set(title_RECOMMENDED_PACKAGES_FOUND "The following RECOMMENDED packages have been found:")
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