Commit 19e8752b authored by Frank Park's avatar Frank Park Committed by Brad King

FindGit: Add new 'GitHub for Windows' user directory

GitHub for Windows now installs in


instead of


Search the new location first but keep the old one in case people have
older versions installed.
parent 52dddefc
......@@ -45,8 +45,10 @@ if(WIN32)
set(git_names git.cmd git eg.cmd eg)
# GitHub search path for Windows
set(github_path "$ENV{LOCALAPPDATA}/Github/PortableGit*/bin")
file(GLOB github_path "${github_path}")
file(GLOB github_path
# SourceTree search path for Windows
set(_git_sourcetree_path "$ENV{LOCALAPPDATA}/Atlassian/SourceTree/git_local/bin")
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