Commit 16841987 authored by David Partyka's avatar David Partyka
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Switch to CMAKE_PATH when doing PATH comparisons on Windows.

Users PATH may contain elements that end with backslash. This will escape the semicolon when iterating resulting in mismatches.

Fix indentation.

Fix whitespace
parent be94c494
......@@ -587,11 +587,14 @@ function(get_prerequisites target prerequisites_var exclude_system recurse exepa
get_filename_component(gp_cmd_dir "${gp_cmd}" PATH)
get_filename_component(gp_cmd_dlls_dir "${gp_cmd_dir}/../../Common7/IDE" ABSOLUTE)
file(TO_NATIVE_PATH "${gp_cmd_dlls_dir}" gp_cmd_dlls_dir)
# Use cmake paths as a user may have a PATH element ending with a backslash.
# This will escape the list delimiter and create havoc!
file(TO_CMAKE_PATH "${gp_cmd_dlls_dir}" gp_cmd_dlls_dir)
if(EXISTS "${gp_cmd_dlls_dir}")
# only add to the path if it is not already in the path
set(gp_found_cmd_dlls_dir 0)
foreach(gp_env_path_element $ENV{PATH})
file(TO_CMAKE_PATH "$ENV{PATH}" env_path)
foreach(gp_env_path_element ${env_path})
if("${gp_env_path_element}" STREQUAL "${gp_cmd_dlls_dir}")
set(gp_found_cmd_dlls_dir 1)
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