Commit 155bb01b authored by Richard's avatar Richard Committed by Brad King
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CMakeCPack: Provide an upgrade guid for WiX

Set CPACK_WIX_UPGRADE_GUID.  Without this upgrade GUID, you end up with
multiple instances of the same installation when installing cmake from a
WIX generated installer.
parent bfa2e299
......@@ -113,6 +113,8 @@ if(EXISTS "${CMAKE_ROOT}/Modules/CPack.cmake")
set(CPACK_WIX_UPGRADE_GUID "8ffd1d72-b7f1-11e2-8ee5-00238bca4991")
# Set the options file that needs to be included inside CMakeCPackOptions.cmake
set(QT_DIALOG_CPACK_OPTIONS_FILE ${CMake_BINARY_DIR}/Source/QtDialog/QtDialogCPack.cmake)
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