Commit 14ed40d6 authored by Craig Scott's avatar Craig Scott

Help: Use consistent levels for cmake --loglevel and message()

The message() command requires uppercase log levels. Even
though the cmake --loglevel option is not case sensitive, show
the supported values as uppercase to match the message()
docs as closely as possible, since they are related to the same

Also fixes the wrong string being shown for the warning level
by cmake --help.
parent 75337357
......@@ -200,11 +200,11 @@ Options
from the top of a binary tree for a CMake project it will dump
additional information such as the cache, log files etc.
Set the log level.
The :command:`message` command will only output messages of the specified
log level or higher. The default log level is ``status``.
log level or higher. The default log level is ``STATUS``.
Do not delete the :command:`try_compile` build tree.
......@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ static const char* cmDocumentationOptions[][2] = {
"Generate graphviz of dependencies, see "
"CMakeGraphVizOptions.cmake for more." },
{ "--system-information [file]", "Dump information about this system." },
{ "--loglevel=<error|warn|notice|status|verbose|debug|trace>",
"Set the verbosity of messages from CMake files." },
{ "--debug-trycompile",
"Do not delete the try_compile build tree. Only "
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