Commit 142e67ea authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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VS: Use internal abstraction for VCTargetsPath host arch

Call our internal host architecture lookup method rather than directly
accessing a member used by its implementation.
parent fc96aa03
......@@ -786,10 +786,9 @@ bool cmGlobalVisualStudio10Generator::FindVCTargetsPath(cmMakefile* mf)
cmXMLElement(eprj, "Import")
.Attribute("Project", "$(VCTargetsPath)\\Microsoft.Cpp.Default.props");
if (!this->GeneratorToolsetHostArchitecture.empty()) {
if (const char* hostArch = this->GetPlatformToolsetHostArchitecture()) {
cmXMLElement epg(eprj, "PropertyGroup");
cmXMLElement(epg, "PreferredToolArchitecture")
cmXMLElement(epg, "PreferredToolArchitecture").Content(hostArch);
cmXMLElement epg(eprj, "PropertyGroup");
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