Commit 11b68dea authored by Bill Hoffman's avatar Bill Hoffman
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ENH: add error checking for empty build dir

parent 5c83326f
...@@ -315,6 +315,22 @@ void CMakeSetupDialog::LoadFromRegistry() ...@@ -315,6 +315,22 @@ void CMakeSetupDialog::LoadFromRegistry()
void CMakeSetupDialog::OnBuildProjects() void CMakeSetupDialog::OnBuildProjects()
{ {
std::string message =
"Build directory does not exist, should I create it?\n\n"
"Directory: ";
message += (const char*)m_WhereBuild;
if(MessageBox(message.c_str(), "Create Directory", MB_OKCANCEL) == IDOK)
MessageBox("Build Project aborted, nothing done.");
::SetCursor(LoadCursor(NULL, IDC_WAIT)); ::SetCursor(LoadCursor(NULL, IDC_WAIT));
// get all the info from the screen // get all the info from the screen
this->UpdateData(); this->UpdateData();
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