Commit 1171bcfc authored by David Cole's avatar David Cole
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Add missing argument to _ep_write_downloadfile_script.

parent ef54a8b7
......@@ -641,7 +641,7 @@ function(_ep_add_download_command name)
message(FATAL_ERROR "Could not extract tarball filename from url:\n ${url}")
set(file ${download_dir}/${fname})
_ep_write_downloadfile_script("${stamp_dir}/download-${name}.cmake" "${url}" "${file}")
_ep_write_downloadfile_script("${stamp_dir}/download-${name}.cmake" "${url}" "${file}" "")
set(cmd ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -P ${stamp_dir}/download-${name}.cmake
set(comment "Performing download step (download and extract) for '${name}'")
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