Commit 0f4dfa69 authored by David Cole's avatar David Cole
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CPack: Use real path to PackageMaker to find its version file (#12621)

On machines where a usr/bin/packagemaker symlink is found, we were
unable to find the version.plist file relative to the symlink.
Resolve the symlink first, so we can find it relative to the
real PackageMaker.
parent 4693cf84
......@@ -402,6 +402,9 @@ int cmCPackPackageMakerGenerator::InitializeInternal()
this->SetOptionIfNotSet("CPACK_INSTALLER_PROGRAM", pkgPath.c_str());
// Get path to the real PackageMaker, not a symlink:
pkgPath = cmSystemTools::GetRealPath(pkgPath.c_str());
// Up from there to find the version.plist file in the "Contents" dir:
std::string contents_dir;
contents_dir = cmSystemTools::GetFilenamePath(pkgPath);
contents_dir = cmSystemTools::GetFilenamePath(contents_dir);
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